CIMMYT laments the passing of Theodore Assimwe, Rwandan research pillar

Rwandan crop researcher Theodore Assimwe.

Rwandan crop researcher Theodore Assimwe.

NAIROBI, Kenya (CIMMYT) — The CIMMYT family mourns the demise and honors the valuable contributions of Rwandan crop researcher Theodore Assimwe, who died on November 11, 2018.

An active and dedicated CIMMYT partner and one of eastern Africa’s most promising agricultural scientists, Assimwe was instrumental in Rwanda’s response to Maize Lethal Necrosis (MLN), coordinating pathogen surveillance and characterization and a key project for integrated management of the disease.

He was a pillar of the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), with a well-recognized research track record in maize, cassava, and sweet potato. His capacity-building activities, together with those of CIMMYT, fostered the pursuit of advanced studies by numerous research colleagues.

His passion, commitment, and scientific rigor gained the respect of agricultural researchers, national plant protection organizations, and many other partners, including members of the global scientific community.

The CIMMYT community respectfully extends its sympathies and wishes for peace to the family of Assimwe.

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