Video Library

Food Friday: Agricultural research on climate change
Kenya. July 2017

“Healthy Harvests” KALRO and CIMMYT work featured on BBC Horizons

“Strange Virus a nightmare for farmers” NTV Kenya. Documentary on MLN

“Fight against MLN field day Jan-20-2016”.
CIMMYT video
“Maize Disease”. CIMMYT video on MLN work in Kenya. July 2016

“Maize lethal necrosis (MLN) threatens Africa’s food security”
CIMMYT video. July 2015.

“Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease in East Africa”. CIMMYT video. Aug 2013

“Bright Jumbo talks about Africa RISING research project on maize lethal necrosis disease”. IITA video. Apr 2015.

“Hunting for virus-resistant maize in East Africa”. SciDEv.Net video. Jun 2014.

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