How to submit material for screening

To have your materials phenotyped for MLN resistance at the CIMMYT-KALRO MLN Screening Facility in Naivasha, Kenya, simply complete the MLN Phenotyping Service Request Form (click here for form) and send it to Rose Mburu, CIMMYT-GMP Program Administrator ( For technical queries, please contact Dr. L.M. Suresh (

Once your completed order form is received, CIMMYT will reply to confirm whether the facility has available space to accommodate the request and send you a draft Service Agreement accordingly. Once CIMMYT has received the completed and signed Service Agreement, CIMMYT will issue an invoice for the amount due (based on the cost recovery schedule – see below), which must be received prior to the planting date.

The Partner will then submit payment and deliver the seeds for the materials to be screened. For materials being sent from outside of Kenya, CIMMYT will prepare the necessary Plant Import Permits (PIPs) and Q labels, and forward electronic copies of the same to the Partner. The Partner can then prepare the seed shipment and email copies of the airway bill and commercial invoice to CIMMYT. Upon receipt of these documents, CIMMYT will apply for a Kenyan Pro 1b import visa, and once this is issued, CIMMYT will notify the Partner who can now finally ship the seed. The seed shipment should include:

  • Q-labels
  • Field book
  • Import permit
  • Phytosanitary certificate,
  • Packing list

Soft copies of these documents should also be submitted via email to Dr. Suresh, L.M. (

CIMMYT will notify the Partner once seed is received and keep the Partner periodically updated on key milestones during the season, such as planting and inoculation dates, and when data is expected to be ready for distribution.

2021-2022 Planting Schedule for MLN Screening:

Activity A Season B Season
Applications Received 15th March 15th September
Agreements processed, and seed received 20th April 24th October
1st Planting By the 15th May By the 7th November
Inoculations 4 and 6 weeks after plantings
Data Collection Sept. – Oct. March – April
Data sent to Partner By Oct. end By April end

Cost Recovery Schedule (2017)

  1. For all private-sector partners: USD 7.00 per row
  2. For all public-sector partners, up to 1,000 rows per season: no charge
  3. For all public-sector partners, anything over and above 1,000 row quota: USD 6.00 per row
  4. PIP Processing fee: USD 10.00 per shipment